Drill & Ceremonial Team


Each year an Oakville Army Cadet Drill Team is formed to showcase the high level of drill (marching), dress and deportment held by our Army Cadet unit. Early in the year try-outs will be held and members of the Oakville Army Cadet Drill Team will be selected by the unit’s Drill Instruction Officer Team.

An Army Cadet Drill Team is made up of 20 cadet members including 2-3 spares and a Cadet Drill Commander. Cadet Drill team’s practice diligently to complete a compulsory sequence (drill movements with commands called) and a precision sequence (memorized sequence of drill movements).

Drill team’s generally consists of both new cadets and senior cadets, perfecting drill movements and learning new skills to Cadet Drill Competitions, that take place at the local, regional and provincial levels. The Cadet Drill Team Commander will be chosen on a tryout basis, consisting of personal drill, dress and the calling of commands.

Army cadets who are successful and become members of the Oakville Army Cadet Drill Team will be chosen from those cadets who demonstrate good uniform dress and personal deportment and have a moderate standard of drill, with the motivation to better themselves. Practices are held on designated Tuesdays at the Oakville Armoury.


Cadets will learn the following:

  • Pace Stick Drill
  • Flag Drill
  • Rifle Drill
  • Sword Drill
  • Section / Platoon / Company Parade Commands