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The Army Cadet program emphasizes the development of Leadership skills, participation in local Community Service, greater Fitness levels and an understanding of the Canadian Forces as an organization.


Q. What is Army Cadets ?

Army Cadets is a FREE program offered to young men and women that are between the ages of 12 and not yet 19 years old, that has a focus on outdoor adventure activities.

The purpose of Army Cadets is to contribute to the development and preparation of youth for the transition to adulthood, enabling them to meet the challenges of modern society, through a dynamic, community-based program.

Army Cadets are motivated to improve their physical fitness, to work harder at their academic studies and to give back to their communities through volunteerism and citizenship activities.

The vision of the Cadet Program is to be a relevant, credible and proactive youth development organization, offering the program of choice for Canada’s youth, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow through a set of fun, challenging, well-organized and safe activities. And it’s a great way for young people to make new friends.


Q. What do Army Cadets do ?

The Army Cadet program consists of activities that are designed to allow youth to become more self-confident, to enhance and develop greater leadership skills, to improve their physical fitness and to teach self-discipline through challenging training. Activities that Army Cadets participate in increase levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Army Cadets is a dynamic, structured youth program that offers Canadian youth a variety of interesting and challenging activities including: camping, first-aid, air rifle shooting, rappelling, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, marching, radio communications, outdoor survival skills, team sports, only to name a few.

Our unit also offers an optional Free Army Cadet Music program (marching band), and many of our cadets participate in the Oakville Army Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program.

Army cadets can also have the opportunity to participate in a FREE Summer Camp program, both here in Ontario and other out-of-province locations. The first summer at camp consists of 2 weeks, the second summer 3 weeks and the summers following are all 6 weeks in length. The Canadian Forces Basic Parachute Course is offered annually to qualified Army Cadets.

The Oakville Army Cadets contribute many hundreds of hours volunteering at local community service events. In fact participation in Army Cadets will generate all of the required High School community service volunteer hours.


Q. What does the Army Cadet program cost?

There is NO cost to join or to participate in the Army Cadet program. Uniforms are supplied free of charge and local and out of province Summer Camp opportunities are also provided to cadet participants at no charge. Participation in our Cadet Music Program is also free.


Q. Are Army Cadets expected to join the Canadian Forces ?

NO. Army Cadets remain civilians throughout their time within the Army Cadet program and there is never any expectation for them to join the Canadian Forces, before, during or after participating in the Army Cadet program. Cadets are able to depart the program at any time.

Q. How will I know what uniform to wear, … and when  ?

The cadets follow a uniform numbered system. The uniform is ownership of the cadet as long as they are properly enrolled and sign for each article. Cadets are to take care of all issued parts as outlined in their training ‘Orders’. Uniforms can be exchanged when required at supply room, run by a Supply Officer and Quartermaster. The numbered uniformed are as follows:

C1 – Full Dress Uniform (For Ceremonial Parades)

C2 – During Regular “Winter Dress” Training Nights (No Tie / Sweater)

C2A – During Regular “Summer Dress” Training Nights (No Tunic or Tie)

C5 – Field Training Uniform (FTU)with Black Boots

C5A – Field Training Uniform Pants, Boots & Belt (FTU) with Corps T-Shirt

C6 – Mess Dress (C1 with Bow Tie instead of Tie)

C7 – Physical Training (PT) Gear – Athletic Wear with Corps T-Shirt, Running Shoes

C8 -Casual Business Wear


Q. How do you join Army Cadets ?

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