Command & Leadership Team

“Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing.”

General Sir Arthur William Currie, GCMG, KCB

Leadership development is a mainstay throughout the the Army Cadet training program. A focus on guiding cadets to discover their ‘inner leader’ is a key component to all of our unit’s activities. Cadets discuss and gain an understanding of leadership, as they progress through the Star Level program. When participating in activates away from the classroom, they are provided opportunities to begin to understand the responsibilities of leadership, as they take on opportunities to lead others.

It is our goal to create an atmosphere where cadets from our unit will reflect on: What are effective leadership qualities ? How do you build morale and esprit de corps ? What are the principles of leadership and the qualities of a good leader ? What is the difference between leadership – management – command ? How to build teams and create effective team work ? How do you acquire an understanding of leadership styles, mentoring, team leadership, problem solving, communication, and leadership approaches ? Grasping an understanding of these skills will prepare cadets for a lifetime as leaders.


1188 ‘Lorne Scots’ RCACC Command Team – Oakville Company

Captain Patricia Ingalls – Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Nienke Appel – Deputy Commanding Officer

Captain David Moore, CD1, – Adjutant, Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor

Lieutenant Nienke Appel – Training Officer

Lieutenant Ryan Moodie – Supply Officer / Pipes & Drums Instructor

Second Lieutenant Jessica Featherstone-Moodie – Public Affairs Officer / Pipes & Drums Instructor

Second Lieutenant Steven Levasseur – Quartermaster (QM) Stores

Second Lieutenant Lou Smeyers – Administration Officer / Marksmanship Coach

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) – MWO David Hong

Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM) – MWO Douglas Chang & MWO Alex Potapov

Cadet Drill Sergeant Major (DSM) – MWO Storm Silvawalker

1188 RCACC Drum Major (DM)- MWO Khalilieh


Civilian Volunteer Support Committee Members of the Army Cadet League (ACL):

Kim Smeyers – President / Chairperson / Marksmanship Coach

Kelly Khalilieh – Corps Finance Officer

Dawn McCowan – Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award Program Custodian

Dan Lee – Fundraising & Promotions Officer

Julia Paek – Fundraising & Promotions Officer

Kim Sibley – Secretary

Liz Langevin – Public Affairs & Recruiting Officer

Joseph Barta, CD – Orienteering & Marksmanship Coach

Varuni Marasinghe  – Canteen Officer

Natalie Potapov – Canteen Officer

Godfrey Chang – Marksmanship Coach / Supply Assistant

Army Cadet League Liaison Officer – Capt (Retired) Stewart Sherriff, CD