Marksmanship Club & Competition Teams (Sundays 0800-1200hrs)

* Air Rifle familiarization events will take place throughout the year, so all cadets from the unit can improve their air rifle skills. Cadets progress through various levels of Army Cadet Marksmanship levels. Previous target shooting experience is not necessary. Eye protection is always used and cadets are supervised by a trained Range Safety Officer, referred to by the acronym, “RSO”.

As well, the Oakville Army Cadets Marksmanship Team consists of cadets from our unit that are interested in participating in organized cadet air rifle marksmanship competitions. All unit members are encouraged to try-out for the the unit’s Marksmanship team. Practices are held on designated Sunday mornings at the Oakville Armoury.

The Marksmanship Coach is: OCdt L. Smeyers

Your Marksmanship Instructors are: CV J. Barta, CV  G. Chang, & CV K. Smeyers.

The four Army Cadet Marksmanship levels that you can achieve are as follows:

Marksman, First Class Marksman,  Expert Marksman, &  Distinguished Marksman.

Marksmanship 1Marksmanship 2 Marksmanship 3 Marksmanship 4





* An air rifle is not a firearm in Canada, due to the slower speed of the pellets fired.