The Canadian Armed Forces Basic Parachutist Course



Each summer a select group of Army Cadets from across Canada are chosen to attend the Canadian Forces Basic Parachute course at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, specifically at the Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre. The “Para” course is offered to Army Cadets only once a year.

The Parachute Course is one of the most sought-after summer courses offered by the Royal Canadian Army Cadet program. The training and standard met by all cadet participants, is that of the Canadian Forces Basic Parachute Course. This activity, as are all offered by the Army Cadet program, is at no cost to the participant.

The Canadian Forces Parachute “Jump Wings” earned by successful candidates are not only worn on the Army Cadet uniform, but can also be worn on a Canadian Forces uniform, should the cadet join the Canadian Forces after departing cadets. The Army Cadet Para course attracts candidates from across the country, representing the most-accomplished and fittest cadets from across Canada.

After Army Cadets have completed an Instructor level course, additional opportunities may become available to those qualified cadets to attend other Provincial or National level programs such an assortment of Expeditions, with International offerings to other countries. One sought after course only for Army Cadets, is the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Course which is made available to those cadets that pass a series of Pre-Para courses during the Local Training Year.

The Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist Course provides cadets an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to become a Canadian Forces Basic Paratrooper. Cadets applying for this course must be certified by a CF Medical Officer and Training Staff , meeting the prescribed criteria as being:

  • physically and mentally fit,
  • be 16 years if age by 1 July of the year of training and shall not have reached 19 years of age during the course,
  • have no participation limitations which may preclude them from participating in intense level physical training activities in remote locations and in high altitudes,
  • have achieved the minimum fitness requisite of 31 sit-ups and 7 chin-ups and a 1600 metre run in under 7:30 minutes, and
  • have successfully completed their Gold Star Level Program.
  • Nominated by their Commanding Officer