Physical Fitness & Cadet Fitness Assessments (CFA)

One of the aims of the Canadian Cadet Movement is to promote physical fitness. At the Oakville Army cadets, the last Wednesday parade night of every month is designated as Physical Fitness Training. Our unit staff organizes an evening of fitness testing or sports related activities including swimming.

Army Cadet Fitness Testing



A high standard of physical fitness is a requirement for many Advanced Summer Camp training courses and Army Cadet International Exchanges. Before applying for certain activities including Expedition training, cadets are be required to achieve a certain level on the Cadet Fitness Assessment.

Army Cadet fitness levels are assessed through the recently released Cadet Fitness Assessment. Four Fitness levels may be achieved. These include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Excellence. Criteria for each level differs according to the cadet’s age and gender.

The Cadet Fitness Assessment is comprised of six separate evaluations, which are designed to evaluate cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Upon successfully completing one of the four fitness levels cadets are presented with a specific Army Cadet Fitness Badge.