Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) Info

Camp 4 

Each spring Army Cadets at our unit,  who have successfully completed their cadet training year, may apply to attend Army Cadet Summer Camp. This program is provided free of charge to the participants. Cadets are selected to attend camp based upon attendance, participation and general behaviour.

Regardless of where a cadet goes for summer training, he or she is certain to have a fun and rewarding summer. Summer training offers, for some, an opportunity to travel internationally while for others it means meeting new people from across Canada while learning.

Some important points regarding cadet summer training:

  • All cadets applying for Army cadet summer training must be medically fit for summer training. All applications are reviewed by the Training Officer and Commanding Officer. The CO will review all applications and either recommended them up the chain of command, or declined them for not meeting criteria or being an unsatisfactory applicant. All final decisions are based on the recommendations and direction from the Regional Cadet Medical Liaison Officer (RCMLO).
  • Due to the remote location of some Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTCs), cadets with severe allergies or other medical conditions that may require rapid medical attention may be precluded from attending certain courses.
  • Applicants must have parent/guardian consent, and must be recommended by their Commanding Officer (CO).
  • The cadet must have successfully completed the required training level, and also meet any other prerequisite(s) specific to the course(s) for which the application is made.
  • A cadet’s 19th birthday must occur after the return travel date.
  • In all cases, the cadet must have demonstrated an interest in, and aptitude for, further Army Cadet Training, to be recommended by the Commanding Officer.
  • Cadets who report for summer training and are found not to meet course prerequisites may be re-coursed or returned to unit, at the discretion of the CSTC CO.
  • A training bonus of $10 per day is paid to every cadet for each day of training they complete (to a weekly maximum of $60, and a course maximum of $360). Depending on the course and CSTC, this may be paid upon completion of the course, or portions of the bonus may be paid during the course.
  • Staff Cadets are paid a daily rate, varying depending on their rank, starting at $68/day and up to $92/day.

Blackdown Army Cadet Summer Training Centre, at Canadian Forces Base Borden, is one of just four Cadet Summer Camps located within Ontario. Each summer Army Cadets have the opportunity to take part in courses related to expedition, music, drill and ceremonial, marksmanship or sports and fitness.

In their initial summer Army Cadets can attend a General Training course for 2 weeks.

In their second summer Army Cadets can attend a Basic Training level course for 3 weeks.

And subsequent summers Army Cadets can attend an Instructor level course for 6 weeks.

After Army Cadets have completed an Instructor level course, additional opportunities may become available to those qualified cadets to attend other Provincial or National level programs such an assortment of Expeditions, with International offerings to other countries. One sought after course only for Army Cadets, is the Canadian Forces Parachute Course which is made available to those cadets that pass a series of Pre-Para courses during the Local Training Year.

The Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist Course provides cadets an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to become a Canadian Forces Basic Paratrooper. Cadets applying for this course must be certified by a CF medical officer as being:

  • physically and mentally fit,
  • be 16 years if age by 1 July of the year of training and shall not have reached 19 years of age during the course,
  • have no participation limitations which may preclude them from participating in intense level physical training activities in remote locations and in high altitudes,
  • have achieved the minimum fitness requisite of 31 sit-ups and 7 chin-ups and a 1600 metre run in under 7:30 minutes, and
  • have successfully completed Gold Star.